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When success is failure

Dear editor,
ON February 21, 2016 the article when ‘Success is failure’ was published in the Zambia Daily Mail. The article was useful to me. It is for this reason that I wish to thank and congratulate the author, Cheela Chilala, with his complex of interconnected elements (Spider’s web) for being such a great thinker and author.
The words found there are now part of me as I now have a different view on life and people.
For sure, the people who had the opportunity of reading the article benefited wholeheartedly. Articles like those which add value to one’s life should be published and be taken into consideration for the benefit of the people and the nation at large. Lastly but not the least, allow me to congratulate the editors of this column, they are the best and thanks for the space I have been given recently.
Editors, thumbs up to you. To Chilala, continue with your good work together with your network of fine threads (Spider’s web).