When mind over nutter

SACRIFICE Chirisa, an occupational health practitioner from Zimbabwe, who was part of the Mental Health Conference in Zambia, was in rehab for abusing drugs and afterwards decided to become a mental health specialist. PICTURE: MWAPE MWENYA

PEARL Chunga is a mental health care user who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2017.
But she only got her diagnosis in 2017 because she spent most of her time in hiding.
She describes mental disorder as full of loneliness.
“I struggled with getting information to figure out what I was going through especially where and how to access services. As a result, I started hiding myself as opposed to going out to seek help,” Chunga says.
“There is loneliness that comes with mental disorder because a lot of people tend to look at you differently and this should not be the case. I spent most of my time hiding about how I was feeling and how it really affected me.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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