When love gains sight

Torn Apart: BOYD PHIRI
IF YOU are going to look for a woman to marry, make sure you don’t have a wife or wives already at home.
I know most elders in the hood like saying “Alibwanji amai a kunyumba” as if you have another woman outside your matrimonial home.
But this should not be the reason for men to go out and look for “amai a ku bar” or “amai a ku church”.
Of course, you have never heard an elder passing a greeting in Nyanja saying “alibwanji amai a ku bar,” or “alibwnji amai a ku church.”
However, in an attempt to find “amai a ku church”, a Seventh Day Adventist church elder Mr Lyashi Lyashi found himself denying his two wives three times after they disrupted a wedding ceremony where he was due to marry a third wife at another church.
Needless to say, when a clergyman is involved in a sex scandal, love gains sight.
Love is supposed to be blind, isn’t it?

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