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When law of karma visits

THE law of Karma states that positive deeds attract merits, while negative deeds attract demerits.  Simply put, what goes around comes around.   When something is in the palm of our hands, we always take it for granted.  For one reason or the other, it is assumed the good thing we have will always be right beside us.
But life is not always like that.  We always need a wakeup call to realise how much people in our lives mean to us.
This is a story about a couple that dated a few years before they got married.  The two were from different backgrounds but the blend was the love the two had for each other. The woman managed to find a good job earlier in their marriage especially that she was more qualified than the husband.
The man struggled to find a job but all in vain. The couple decided that instead of focusing on job hunting for the husband, it was best he upgrades his qualification. The woman took up the responsibility of paying for his school fees.
He sailed through school and got his qualification. In no time, he found an equally well-paying job.  After they were both settled into their comfortable jobs, there was something missing in their lives.  The couple decided it was time to start a family. The couple’s effort to have a baby was not forthcoming.
A visit to the doctors revealed that the husband’s drinking habits were contributing to them not having children.
The woman was getting discouraged with the man’s attitude towards having a family. She observed that he was becoming detached from her.  He seemed to have lost interest in her and whenever she brought up his negative attitude towards their relationship, he would claim she was imagining the whole thing.  His excuse was that work was getting the better of him, nothing to do with their relationship.
The more she complained, the more he was shutting her out. All the while, he was also getting more and more addicted to alcohol. His gentle side was gradually disappearing and being over taken by his violent side.
She tried to get it through to him that he was getting addicted to alcohol but he was not acknowledging that he had a problem. She could no longer speak to him about anything for fear of being physically abused. She cried when she recalled how much of a simple and happy life they shared when they just got married.
Whenever she reminded him, he arrogantly told her that he was ready to pay back whatever she spent on him.  Upon realising that their marriage had reached a dead end, she decided to walk.
He was too arrogant to beg her to stay. The first few months during the separation were enjoyable until he began reminiscing about the good times he had with the former wife. At this point, she had started a whole new life and was not ready to go back to the ex-husband.

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