Letter to the Editor

What’s truth about Chipata toddler with needles?

Dear editor,
THERE is a boy sadly reported languishing in Chipata General Hospital after being found with over 40 needles implanted in his body.
Hospital staff must be commended for doing excellent work trying to save the life of the toddler. God willing, hopefully, he will recover.
Personally, I have failed to grasp what went on for the toddler to find himself in this situation.
Something fishy must have obtained.
I smell a rat over this issue but no one is availing any answers.
I am sure am not the only one, but many Zambians need the answer.
From the look of things, foul play is suspected. Someone is behind the boy’s predicament.
Police must leave no stone unturned in investigating this matter. All suspects must be probed to ensure culprits are brought to book.
Such gruesome acts against children or any other person must not be happening in Zambia, a Christian nation. Therefore as we pray for the boy to recover, there is a demand for the truth over this intolerable case to be unveiled.
The people responsible must be incarcerated for a long time, or should the boy fail to pull through, they should face the death penalty without hesitation.

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