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What’s happening to the Airtel network?

Dear editor,
I HAVE been an Airtel subscriber for more than 10 years and have resisted overtures from other mobile phone service providers to migrate.

I am so used to Airtel that I would find it extemely diffcult to switch networks. That does not mean the other service providers are offering shoddy services. But I must admit that I have of late seriously considered a switch because of what I consider poor service by Airtel.

There are times people would call me without success because of poor network. My phone would either be said to be out of coverage area or simply switched off.
At first, I used to disagree with the callers but I have proven it more than once. I thought they were being malicious.
I have attempted to call someone within my earshot but would sometimes get a response that the phone is switched off when in fact not.
There are times I have failed to access my WhatsApp and other social network service providers presumably because the network is poor.
I am left to deeply reflect whether it is worth being faithful to a provider that has questionable network.
I have reached a point where I may have to say ‘enough is enough’ and move on to other providers.
I am sorry but I may not have to continue with blind brand loyalty.