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What’s happened to good morals?


MINISTER of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has described the alleged raping of the 71-year-old woman in Mansa as an abomination which should not be tolerated in a Christian nation.

Reverend Sumaili said the incident was tragic and against Christian values.
She said in an interview yesterday that it is disheartening that both old and young women are walking in fear in their own country.
“This is a very sad situation, I am so touched. I am thinking and asking myself what the rationale behind such an act could have been. Could it be witchcraft, alcohol or drug abuse, because it is not normal? We have a lot of work to do to strength ethics and morality issues in our country. We need to preach more on salvation and share the love of Christ with others. Women cannot be walking in fear in their own country,” she said.
Rev Sumaili said the incident is an indication that there is no fear of Christ in some members of the public, contrary to the expectations of a Christian nation.
She said there is need for the church to partner with families, Government and other stakeholders to strengthen the moral fibre of the country.
Rev Sumaili said the church needs to impart biblical and cultural values to restore the respect young people had for the elderly.
She urged young people to invest their energy and time in productive activities that will enable them positively contribute to national development.
Rev Sumaili said young people should fear God, value their lives, and have a vision that will make them better citizens.
She appealed to families and communities not to neglect but care for elderly people and ensure they are protected.
A 71-year-old woman of Mansa was allegedly raped by seven men in the early hours of Thursday last week. The unknown men broke into her house, took turns in raping her and left her unconscious.


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