What went down in Sesheke?

SESHEKE is normally a very quiet and peaceful town.

AT the mention of the name Sesheke, ugly scenes of violence that characterised the February 21, 2019 Parliamentary by-election, the bizarre lightning and bees attack come to mind.
The violence that left a trail of destruction to property and injuries on persons, started during the campaign period, and escalated as the poll day drew near.
In the midst of the political violence, residents and visitors alike, who came to monitor the polls in this boarder town, including this reporter, received a fair share of police teargas.
One of the most ugly scenes of this violence, was in Maondo, about 25 kilometres south of Sesheke boma, where some residents lost their houses and property during a political clash.
Monde Imasiku (not real names) explains how a group of rival political carders attacked him and his family before setting his house ablaze.
Mr Imasiku said assailants invaded his village around 20:45 hours, when the family had settled down to a meal.
“I saw a group of youths come to our compound and they threatened us, before burning our house. I watched in disbelief from afar, as the house went up in flames, and there was nothing I could dohttp://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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