Letter to the Editor

What is the motive behind speed traps?

Dear editor,
MY UNDERSTANDING is that speed traps are supposed to help maintain sanity on the roads by compelling motorists to drive within

acceptable speed limits.
In my view the police should be concerned about preventing people from speeding other than catching them.
The way traffic police officers hide the speed traps, it is as though they want motorists to speed so they can impound them and make them pay money.
And on some of these roads it is difficult to see the prescribed speed limit.
My advice to our men and women in uniforms is that they should not focus on the money they get from erring motorists but on preventing loss of life through excessive speeding.
Have they ever imagined putting speed traps at permanent interval spots and warning motorists through posters/billboards with messages like “speed trap ahead, drive cautiously”?
This will no doubt make motorists especially those who are sober to think twice before over speeding because they know the consequences.
But our police officers hide and keep on shifting posts so that people are caught unaware. But the other strategy is more effective because when motorists realise that the police consistently mount a speed trap on a particular stretch they will automatically slow down thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
The police should also consider investing in cameras to be placed along high ways to capture any erring motorists. If motorists know that they are under camera they are likely to drive more responsibly.

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