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What is happening to Sesheke township roads’ project?

Dear editor,
I AM very concerned about how long it has taken since our Vice-President Inonge Wina commissioned the upgrading of 21 kilometres of selected roads in Sesheke district.

The commissioning of the road gave hope to the residents, but it has been long and there is still no sign of any works regarding this project.
I am kindly requesting the relevant authorities to shed more light on what could be hampering the commencement of this important project.
As Sesheke residents, we look forward to the implementation of this project as it will not only change the face of the district, but will provide the much-needed employment for young people.
We know that Sesheke is one of the areas still lagging behind in terms of modern infrastructure. We are grateful that Government is doing a commendable job in incorporating underdeveloped places like Sesheke on its development agenda.
Developing Sesheke is no doubt a positive contribution to the country’s overall image.
Projects like road construction provide jobs for the locals, thereby uplifting their living standards.
It is my hope that relevant authorities will look into this stalled project and provide the necessary push.
I implore the MP, councillor and DC to work together to ensure that the Road Development Agency moves on site.

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