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What do women have to offer in relationships?

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WOMEN are brought up with one major objective: finding the best possible man so they can eventually settle down.
They are raised with a variety of ideals about what men can offer and they will create checklists about what a man needs to be like and what he needs to do in order to qualify for their attention, but how often do women ask themselves, “What am I bringing to the table in the relationship?”
In this day and age, women have this idea that they can be their best selves for a man by being the total package, which mainly includes brains, beauty, and accomplishments.
They sometimes seem to think that because they look good, have a university degree and a high paying career, that should be enough to satisfy the man of their dreams.
As a woman, you can be smart, good looking, talented, accomplished, and make good money, but how much do those things matter to the man you settle down with?
The problem is that many women are clueless as to what things a man is seeking in a woman when thinking about the long-term relationship.
They are so focused on what they are getting and do not seem to take much time to think about what they are giving. While beauty, intelligence, and success are all things that men find attractive in a woman, she must stop and ask herself what else she has to offer that is unique and valuable to him.
What is he getting out of the relationship and what is going to make him stick around because her good looks and income will likely only take her so far?
Think about everything that you would like to have in your relationship, and think about whether or not you are offering that yourself. How are you showing your love and respect for him? Are you being supportive and comforting when necessary? Are you making an effort to dedicate your time, energy, and companionship to him? Are you being an equal or appropriate contributor financially and doing household work? If married, are his romantic and sexual needs being met as well as yours?
A man wants a partner who is loyal and committed, someone to share experiences with and to have intellectual conversations with. He wants a woman that challenges him, inspires him to be the best man he can be, someone that gives him a reason to wake up and smile every day. Sometimes it seems as though women do not realise how important this is for maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship with a man.
Remember that the goal is figuring out what you can do that adds enhancement, value, and completion to your relationship. If equality is what you are after, keep in mind the bottom line: Do not expect anything of your man that you are not willing to offer him yourself.
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