What Chilubi people say about Lungu

CHILUBI district commissioner Enerst Bwalya says President Lungu has left an indelible mark on the island for being the first sitting President to spend a night in the area.

And Chilubi member of Parliament (MP) Rosaria Fundanga has described the visit by the President to the remote part of the country as “moving” and that she is “speechless”.

Mr Bwalya said in an interview yesterday that people on the island are humbled by President Lungu’s outstanding leadership and that they will always treasure a chilly Friday night he spent in Chilubi last week.
“President Lungu’s visit here is historic. It is now some days after he went back to Lusaka but the talk of town is still President Lungu. The people are saying indeed President Lungu is a true and caring leader,” Mr Bwalya said
Mr Bwalya said people are very excited that the head of State himself assured them that the island will be split into two constituencies as a way of fostering development.
He said it is everyone’s desire to see it divided into two districts as that is a sure way of accelerating economic growth and development.
“People have seen and now know the benefits of being a district, hence the demand to have another constituency created from here,” Mr Bwalya said.
He said the other issue that has elated people is the plan to build the Chaba-Luwingu-Chilubi road that links the mainland to the rest of the province.
“This road will not only ease movement but increase economic activities and time of doing business. This news has really made people happy. They are saying if he is able to physically sleep here, then his promises are true,” Mr Bwalya said.
And Ms Fundanga said in a separate interview that people are excited that the President spent a night on the island.
“People are still in shock and even myself I am still psychologically shocked that our President humbled himself and slept in my constituency,” Mrs Fundanga said.
During a public meeting in Chilubi Island last week, President Lungu said: “I am aware that your major cry here in Chilubi has been the creation of an additional constituency.
“With 22 wards, Chilubi constituency is too big and I would like you to know that as Government, we have intentions of working with the Electoral Commission of Zambia to propose that the vast district of Chilubi be divided so that we can have one MP for the island and another for the mainland.”


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