Letter to the Editor

We’ve obligation to maintain peace, order

Dear editor,
I TOTALLY agree with President-elect Edgar Lungu that the responsibility to maintain peace and order lies squarely on the shoulders of every Zambian.
Zambians should stop looking at the police or politicians to ensure that there is peace but should look into themselves and see what role they can play to ensure peace and unity.
It is up to individual citizens to refuse to be used to engage in violent activities and in the case of provocation it is up to those who are provoked to exercise maximum restraint. Moreover, the Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath. This is because when the force of provocation meets force of retaliation, the result is destruction.
Individuals should also be each other’s keeper and should report anyone seen to engage in violent acts.
Chiefs have the duty to preach peace to their subjects while the Church should pray for peace without ceasing.
Politicians should not incite their supporters but discourage them from engaging in violent attacks. Police should arrest those who fail to abide by the law by engaging in violence.
Literally, everyone has a role. Let’s stop watching from the fence but get involved.


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