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‘We’ve no immediate plans for Chamililo-Chipundu road’

MINISTER of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has told Parliament that Government has no immediate plans to rehabilitate the Chamililo-Chipundu road which leads to the David Livingstone

Memorial Site in Chitambo district.
Mr Chitotela was responding to a question by Patriotic Front (PF) Chitambo member of Parliament (MP) Remember Mutale who wanted to know if Government has plans to rehabilitate the Chamililo Chipundu road, and that if so, when the project will commence.
He said the rehabilitation of the Chamililo- Chipundu road was not included in the 2017 road sector annual work plan due to budget limitations.
“Government will carry out assessments for possible inclusion of the road in next year’s road sector annual work plan, funds permitting,” he said.
Mr Chitotela also told the house that the time frame for the project will only be determined when the full scope of work has been determined.
He said this following Mr Mutale’s question in which he also demanded to know the time frame for the completion of the project.
And Mr Mutale said the Chamililo-Chipundu road is important to Zambia.
Mr Mutale said he was interested in knowing when this road would be rehabilitated.
But the minister said the road was not included in the annual work plan but that government will carry out an assessment to determine measures for possible inclusion in the plan.