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MR and Mrs Morrison at the Victoria Falls.

Wet face of Victoria Falls here again

COULD the Victoria Falls dry up?
That was the question BBC’s Stephen Sackur and Sky News’ Alex Crawford posed in last December in their documentaries about Zambia in which they claimed “the effects of severe drought and climate change are having an impact on one of the world’s great natural wonders, Victoria Falls.”
The shows, which were aired and carried by many other western media organisations who included the Telegraph, Reuters, Guardian and the Independent, had incensed local tour operators, saying it had caused “substantial damage to the local tourism industry”, prompting them to gather at the falls and take pictures to dispel the notion that Victoria Falls may be drying up.
In fact, soon after, a hashtag #VictoriaFallsIsNotDry was generated and made quite a number of rounds on social media.
Two months later, the Victoria Falls which many feared would soon dry up, has ‘awakened’ and is, again, gushing out abundant waters into the Zambezi River from its many tributaries.
But even with all the stories that were said about the falls, it didn’t stop British author Val Morrison from visiting it with her husband of 36 years, Keith.