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Western vs traditional culture in families

OVER the years, many parents in Zambia have adopted the western way of raising children of which they do to the best interest of their child.
In our modern day Zambia, many children don’t know their culture, village, chief and even their tribal language. Children in many homes use English to communicate and learn this language from the time they learn how to talk.
It is very rare to find a child living in the city who truly knows how to speak his or her own tribal language because parents do not teach them how to speak in their tribe. Respect is also one of the many things a child should learn from childhood but it seems like this is also difficult for parents to teach their children.
Many children are growing up without the knowledge of respect for people above their age and parents should be blamed for this and not the children for they are the ones who do not teach their children about respect.
Even though parents do this in the best interest of their children they do not see the damage that has on the children and they do not realise that they are denying their child the right to culture activities.
As a Zambian child who is speaking on behalf of other children, I say that as   Zambian children we do not want our future generation to be known only on the green national registration card but also by our culture and that we want to be proud of the beautiful culture our country holds within.
Zambian parents should be able to teach their children the importance of culture and respect for elder people for a child to be able to live in society and feel like he/she is part of that society and not feel left out.
The author of this article, Rose Kindalo is a member of the Children’s News Agency (CNA), Livingstone Bureau,

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