Western Province to get industrial clusters


TEDDY KUYELA, Parliament
DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa says Government has started establishing industrial clusters in Western Province to help create more jobs for the locals.
Mr Sampa said the industrial clusters, once established, will promote economic development and help improve living standards of people in the area.
The deputy minister said this in response to a question from Kalabo Central member of Parliament (MP) Chiinga Miyutu, who wanted to know when Government will set up industrial clusters in Western Province.
In his response, Mr Sampa said the establishment of industrial clusters has already started and that Government is working tirelessly to ensure that this translates into economic transformation of the region.
“Mr Speaker, Government is happy to inform the people of Western Province that there is progress made in establishing the industrial clusters in the area and once this is done, more jobs will be created,” he said.
Mr Sampa said the clusters will capitalise resources within the province to help support small and medium enterprises.
He said the clusters will create the establishment of supportive infrastructure which will in turn spur development of districts, the province and consequently the country.
Mr Sampa further said Government is establishing a cassava industrial cluster in Kaoma, timber in Sesheke and mango in Mongu.
He said other industrial clusters to be established are of rice, fish, cotton, beef and glass in Western Province.
Mr Sampa said in the beef industrial cluster, Government is focusing on breeding, fattening, red meat processing, leather processing, by-product utilisation, abattoir, butchery, transportation and marketing of meat products.
He further said in the cassava industrial cluster, Government is looking at input supply, processing, cassava flour, cassava chips, confectionery, gari popularisation, starch, alcohol, glue, storage, transportation and marketing of cassava products.

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