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‘He went away with my child’

A LUSAKA woman has narrated to the Matero Local Court how her former husband got one of their children without her consent.
Prisca Bwalya, 22, of Lilanda township told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that her former husband, Knox Nyendwa, 30, of Matero township took their first -born child under his care without her knowledge.
“We are no longer together because Nyendwa used to beat me most of the time and that is why I decided to leave him fearing for my life. He sued me for marriage reconciliation but I refused. We also met as families but I refused to reconcile with him,”she said.
Bwalya told the court that Nyendwa whom she referred to as an alcoholic has been trying to get back with her but to no avail and later he came home and got our child.
“Since then Nyendwa has denied access to my child. He calls me a prostitute and accuses me of having extra-marital affairs. I want the court to help me get full custody of the child,”she said.
And Nyendwa told the court that he took the child from Bwalya because she was not responsible enough to provide motherly care to their two children.
“She drinks and frequently visits bars, having no time for the children; her mother was the one taking care of the children. The child I left her with is not even in good health,” he said.
Nyendwa told the court that one day after knocking off from work; he found that Bwalya had left their matrimonial home with all their household property.
“We have been on separation eversince and I have on many occasions tried to reconcile with her but it seems she doesn’t want,” he said.
The court dismissed the claim because the couple was legally married and Bwalya could not sue for child custody.

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