Letter to the Editor

Well done rejuvenated Kalampa!

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to congratulate Nkana Football Club on its good performance.
It is refreshing to see the club slowly regaining its past glory.
We done Kalampa for bringing down Zanaco at the weekend.
It was a tough game but the better team carried the day.
And that team was Nkana.
I have noticed that even those fans who had abandoned the team when it was going through difficult times have started drifting back.
But we faithful fans stood with our beloved team when it was going through its worst patch, which was mainly caused by lack of support from the owners of the new Nkana Division of ZCCM.
Please keep it up Kalampa. We are solidly behind you.
The road ahead is not a smooth one but we are confident that if you continue with this hard work we will lift the Super Division  championship.
I am urging all my fellow Kalampa fans to rally behind the team even when it is losing to motivate them.

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