Letter to the Editor

Well done NRFA, ZRA on revenue collection

Dear editor,
I COMMEND Government for its pragmatic achievement on revenue collection through various institutions.
Government, through Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and National Road Fund Agency (NRFA), has informed the nation of having collected a lot of revenue.

These huge sums of money have the capacity to change the face of this nation if applied to needy areas with strictness.
It is, however, not so clear as to how the money being reported as having been collected by these institutions is being utilised and or whether it is actually put to prudent usage.
The nation should be given corresponding information on the good usage the reported collected revenue is put to, to avoid information vacuum.
That will also deter those with negative views from issuing wrong and unwarranted remarks about the Government.
Recently, NRFA reported having collected a lot of money from toll plazas while ZRA has also reported figures where they overshot their quarterly target by K430 million.
All these reported huge amounts show the resilience the Government has attached to revenue collection to better the well-being of its citizens.


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