Letter to the Editor

Well done for restocking of text books

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT deserves credit for the recent restocking of text books for various subjects in secondary schools.

There is a critical shortage of learning and teaching materials in most public schools. Furthermore, the culture of reading and researching does not exist in most learners due to lack of Literature and unconducive reading environment.
The onus is now on teachers to ensure that the books are not just collecting dust in offices at the expense of learners using them .The learners must also take care of the books.
Nonetheless, schools must also continue to use 20% of school fees collected from pupils to supplement books that are still not available in schools. The core business of schools is to ensure that children learn and acquire skills that are relevant to foster development in our nation. Education is really the best equaliser.
HOD Social Sciences
Raphael Kombe Girls Secondary

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