Letter to the Editor

Well done electoral commission

Dear editor,
I WRITE to applaud the Electoral Commission of Zambia for its steadfastness and boldness to conduct the just-ended presidential election after the death of the country’s fifth President, Michael Sata.
The two iron ladies in Ms Justice Ireen Mambilima and ECZ director Priscilla Issacs proved to me and many other people that they did their best to conduct the election at short notice.
I would only say job well done ladies.
You and your team proved that you can do even better if empowered by our Constitution to effect certain measures to deal with hot issues arising during this election.
It was a tiring one but we thank God that we are finally here in peace and harmony.
It is now up to the politicians to empower ECZ after realising the flaws in this by-election that could settle the issues raised in the process. Political parties have the responsibility to curb the voter apathy that could have arisen from people losing hope in politicians while ECZ has a responsibility to register more people for 2016 tripartite elections.
Congratulations and job well done ECZ.

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