Letter to the Editor

Well done Dorcas mothers for burying unclaimed bodies

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend the Dorcas mothers from the Seventh Day Adventist Mindolo Mission District in Kitwe, who buried 18 unclaimed bodies from the Kitwe Teaching Hospital.
The remains of the 17 males and 1 female had been lying in the hospital for months.
The Dorcas mothers reportedly spent over K12,000 buying 18 coffins, transport and preparing the bodies.
These are bodies of known people with full names who were taken to hospital by relatives and friends when they were sick.
Unfortunately, they were abandoned by their relatives and friends.
Some relatives and friends only visit hospitals to merely confirm whether they patient they took there is still admitted or discharged or indeed has died.
This is unacceptable because even inmates from correctional facilities are guarded and in the event of death, their next of kin are informed.
What is happening in our country is both unchristian and unZambian.
That is why I am commending the Dorcas, a community service department within the SDA Church which focuses on serving the needy in society.
The responsibility they performed is the role of the local authorities who usually hire inmates to bury the dead.
God bless Dorcas mothers.

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