Letter to the Editor

Welcome to CB, Mr President

Dear editor
I AM just writing this letter to welcome President Lungu to Copperbelt Province and particularly Kitwe.
This is a momentous and unprecedented visit in the history of our country. Surely His Excellency’s heart is with the people.
The Copperbelt fully supports your effort to seek to unite our people and the serious developmental works taking place in our country.
One area of concern is that of simple environment management. Look at all the litter scattered alongside all our roads, especially roads that connect our towns, cities, etc.
Our Ministry of Local Government and Housing, together with our municipalities have no plans nor resources whatsoever, to manage waste. Everyone, particularly the low cost areas is throwing garbage in any free space in their areas. Driving to Chingola or Ndola is an eyesore as garbage lines the roads alongside these routes.
As I write, it is gratifying to note that all the cleaning that is going on and being done by municipalities in preparation for your visit. This is how it should be when you prepare for a high profile visit like that. But it should be ‘work in progress’ everyday.
The fact is, Zambia has become, generally, dirty.
The government has committed huge sums of money to repair roads. This is very good and the results are showing.
However, lack of garbage collection and support from the local authorities prevent roads from looking good. We need to put a policy in place to sensitise our people concerning waste disposal.
The issue of permanent police road blocks is not helping our road repair efforts. Look at Kafulafuta and Mufulira turn-offs. Expensive roads are now damaged because of slowing down overloaded trucks. Kafue Bridge just outside Kitwe is the same. Is there no other way for the police to do this without damage to our roads – like random highway patrols?

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