Weekend flea market comes to Chikwa Lane

LUSAKA Mayor Miles Sampa buying tomatoes at one of the stands at the weekend flea market

THE idea of a weekend flea market can seem new to some people in Lusaka but for those that have travelled extensively, especially in Europe, the concept is not new.
On Saturday, June 27, Lusaka residents thronged Chikwa Lane to catch a glimpse of what seems to be the birth of a flea market in Lusaka.
It was an unmissable event for all kinds of shoppers –the bargain hunters and collectors, hipsters, hippies and families that were looking for a cool atmosphere.
In a cool ambiance, under the trees on Chikwa Lane, people walked from stand to stand examining a variety of products which included second-hand clothes, original creations, jewels, handicraft, vegetables, fresh roses, plants and drinks.
Local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from around Lusaka were also registered to participate first.
Trading space has been a challenge for many entrepreneurs, but with the coming of the weekend flea market, there is a sense of hope among them.
“The idea of this market is a good one because it has given me an opportunity to showcase and sell my products. As a small-scale farmer, I only sell my produce on the farm,” says Muwali Musampula, a small-scale farmer from CLICK TO READ MORE

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