Letter to the Editor

We shall stand up against politics of the stomach

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my opinion about disgraceful Zambian politics characterised by greed, selfishness and acrimonious behaviour by some political elements that have nothing to offer but insults, slander and life threatening obsession for power.
It is amazing to see unprecedented desperation of a named opposition political party trying to use unorthodox way to come into power.
They tried the ballot box, the courts and now they are calling for the impeachment of President Lungu, all in an attempt to come to power.
This type of obsession should worry Zambians because we may not know what this person intends to do when we give him chance to rule.
He has so far told us nothing about what he intends to do for Zambians.
This is the more reason why we, as a Christian nation, should be more prayerful because such stubbornness can only be spiritually dealt with by the Almighty God.
Our prayer should always be to ask our Creator to give us leaders who are humble, peace-loving, tolerant, forgiving and those who can bring us together as one Zambia one nation.
The hatred, rage and slander that some disgruntled political parties have displayed are a reflection of politics of the stomach and they should therefore stop deceiving us that they are doing that on our behalf.
They are just looking for an opportunity to come into power and plunder our resources and externalise the money to their foreign banks.
We shall stand and pray and fast for the betterment of our country.
May the Almighty God continue to guide our beloved Zambia.

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