Letter to the Editor

We need to implement JETS fair innovations

Dear editor,
JUNIOR Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) is a common club in most schools in Zambia.

It is a vibrant club of high ambitious pupils with the goal of creating solutions to societal problems using mathematics, science and technology. The club requires one to be innovative, creative and use critical thinking to deal with challenges of daily life.
This year’s JETS competition is being held at Petauke Boarding Secondary School in Petauke, Eastern Province. It has drawn participants from different schools in Zambia representing their respective provinces.
My challenge, however, is that the boys and girls have exhibited highly spirited projects in different disciplines that encompass JETS. These projects will die a natural death due to lack of implementation of these ideas generated by highly motivated pupils.
The Ministry of General Education should work with other ministries to ensure these projects are adopted and implemented to alleviate problems in community needs.
Lastly, schools should also encourage and support pupils by trying these projects at school level, and sell the ideas to industries. Believe me, these project ideas are good and can help our country.

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