Letter to the Editor

We need statistics on intermarriages in Zambia

Dear editor,
WE have had our cherished motto of ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ since independence or so and the Central Statistical

Office (CSO) for a long time. Is it not time that an empirical and objective study was carried out, even on sample basis, and published, to show how much the Zambian tribes are integrated since 1964, to include:
a) How many Zambians have married those from other tribes?
b) How many Zambian tribes live in a province other than their tribal provinces?
c) How many Zambian tribes speak another Zambian language other than their mother tongue; and
d) From the interviewees’ perceptions, which tribes they consider to be more tribal-inclined and why?
e) Would the Interviewee(s) marry or allow their child or children to marry a person from another tribe and why so or why not?
Other additional relevant variables to the above could be included. Could such a report or study be available at CSO?

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