Letter to the Editor

We need sanity on Lusaka roads

Dear editor,
I WRITE to express my concerns with regard to policing mini-bus drivers and the general lawlessness in the motoring world.
The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has suddenly disappeared into oblivion; they are no longer visible on our roads except for one stationed at the Inter City bus terminus in Lusaka.
Why has RTSA stopped its patrols and mounted road blocks? Has the Minister exhausted his steam and drive to normalise chaotic scenes and situations?
Driving in some parts of Lusaka is a nightmare especially on routes on which mini-buses and pirate taxis operate.
I am humbly asking RTSA to come back on most routes and streets to normalise. It has become incredibly insane to drive around Freedom Way. The road is littered with pick-ups offloading goods, mini-buses illegally loading passengers from undesignated places and pirate taxis also loading in a similar fashion.
What has to law and order? Where is the local authority, is again this question that begs for an answer. Maybe this time from the Town Clerk!
This is a capital city hence it is expected that service providers and members of the public behave in a more organised manner as opposed to this unwarranted confusion I have to put up with.
Surely ma Zambians, we can do better by conforming to modern trends of life. Please bane.

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