Letter to the Editor

We need fresh blood for Lusaka mayor

Dear editor,
AS VARIOUS political parties prepare to adopt candidates for the coming by-elections across the country, my humble appeal to you party leaders is never impose candidates onto the people.Let the people choose a candidate they are comfortable to work with, someone they relate with very well.
To you all in party structures privileged to select your candidates, please don’t fall prey to corrupt-minded aspiring candidates who will want to buy their way through. Such people, once they ascend to power, you will not touch them.
My wish is let’s have candidates with fresh ideas coming into the political scene being voted in power.
The culture of recycling leaders should be discouraged by all well-meaning citizens. I am sure we are not short of leaders. Some of these leaders I personally learnt of them in Social Studies way back during my primary education. It’s not fair at all.
For those of you who have held leadership roles before, tell us what you didn’t do that you want to do now. Pave way for new cutting-edge leaders to showcase their skills. Just take a back seat and offer advisory roles
I am encouraged at the numbers of new aspirants for Lusaka city mayoral position, Names like Brian Hapunda, Kumbukilani Phiri, Cesar Banda, all of the Patriotic Front.
Let us support and encourage fresh minds wishing to take up leadership challenges in the political arena.

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