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We need Christian values in our politics

POLITICS is a noble calling centred on offering selfless service to the constituents.
Politicians are, therefore, expected to exhibit love and selflessness in their endeavour to attain political power.
This is because it is a contradiction for any individual to claim to want to serve people through political office and yet remain unmoved by their suffering.
It is even a sharper contradiction when one claims they have a heart to serve people and on the other hand sacrifice them on the altar of political expediency.
While it is understood that politics is simply a means through which individuals devote themselves to offer a service for the benefit of the country, we are taken aback by the lengths to which individuals go in a bid to assume political power.
Today, in Zambia, we have politicians who are ready to injure others and even sacrifice lives if that is what it takes to access the corridors of power.
Prior to 2016 elections, we saw how some politicians turned to violence in their bid to ascend to power.
After elections, the violence was escalated to burning down of public infrastructure and homes, leaving many innocent Zambians homeless.
Just last week a Patriotic Front supporter was stripped naked by suspected political opponents.
We could not say it any better without borrowing President Edgar Lungu’s words that it is barbaric for politicians to engage in evil in order to attain political power.
Some politicians seem to misconstrue the ascendance to political power as a matter of life and death rather than a self-offer for service.
These are politicians who, instead of promoting peace and unity, are in the forefront sponsoring youths to engage in violence.
These are politicians who also go to great lengths to demonise the country’s institutions without considering the damage on the country’s reputation to which they are a part.
Some of them go to any lengths to spread falsehoods about their competitors in a bid to gain more favourable attention from the electorate.
The presidency is one of the many public offices that have received so much unwarranted criticism at the hands of aspirers.
As observed by Northmead Assemblies of God Bishop, Joshua Banda, Zambians need to put a stop to the culture of pulling down the presidency. This is retrogressive.
Amid such dirty tactics, we agree with President Lungu that there is need for the Church to help entrench Christian values among our politicians.
As a country, we need a paradigm shift from politics of hate to politics of love.
As the head of State rightly observed, this can only be so if men and women guided by Christian values step up to the political stage.
It is unfortunate that many people shun politics because they consider it a dirty game. However, politics is only as dirty as its participants are.
There is, therefore, need to ensure that we rid politics of all the bad elements who give it a bad name.
Truth be told, politics is a noble profession which deserves the engagement of men and women of integrity.
That is why we agree with President Lungu’s call for the Church to encourage more Christians to take part in politics.
The rationale is simple: If we have more genuine Christians in politics, then we will be assured of civility and tranquillity in our political engagements.
As noted by the head of State, a true Christian will not go to any lengths to bring down his friend to ascend to power.
A true Christian politician will also not engage in spreading falsehoods and violence as a means to ascend to political power.
The Church, therefore, has a role to play by entrenching Christian values among politicians.
Politicians also have a duty to align themselves to Christian values which the country declared to abide by.
It is only when our politicians begin to abide by Christian values of love, self-control, forgiveness, humility, integrity and selflessness, among others, that we will see transformation and civility on our political platform.
As a country, let us move away from politics of character assassination to politics that focuses on issues.
This is the only way we will develop our motherland.

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