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We must support State in mobilising domestic revenues

Dear editor,
ACCORDING to the 2018 Budget as presented last Friday by minister of Finance, Felix Mutati, 68.5 percent of the K71.6 billion budget will be generated through domestic revenues.

This is achievable; even more domestic revenue can be raised if the law on tax evasion is tightened.
Currently, rampant tax evasion is at two levels, namely, corporate (company) level and individual level.
A situation whereby year in, year out, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) ‘begs’ or ‘pleads with’ business houses to submit tax returns is unfortunate.
At individual level, there are thousands and thousands of people renting out property but are not paying withholding tax on rental income.
Some people take paying tax like doing Government a favour. But paying tax is law.
Imagine how much can be raised by Government if all business transactions involving selling were machine receipted at point of sale.
So, our August House should ensure that tax evasion or non-compliance attracts immediate arrest as it is in most developed nations.
All Zambians must support Government efforts of mobilising domestic revenues so as to reduce external borrowing to the bare minimum.