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‘We are enjoying our youthful marriage’

IN 2009 while on a public bus to her home village in Monze district, Annita Munkonze met Wellington Moyo who was also on the same bus on his way to visit his parents who lived in a neighbouring village.
Although the two did not talk, Annita, then 25, noticed the stealthy stares from Wellington. Later when they made a stop at her parents’ farm, he asked her for a glass of water.
“But once inside the house, I asked my sister to take him the glass of water because I did not want to go outside. I had noticed the way he had been staring at me on the bus. However, he refused to accept the water because I sent my sister so I took him the glass of water,” Annita said.
Once outside, Annita and Wellington introduced themselves and struck a conversation. But it was her sister who recognised him based on his distinct voice. At the time, Wellington was a journalist at Chikumbi Radio.
“After introductions, I realised his name sounded familiar but until my sister asked him about his job at the radio station. My sister then asked him to greet us on radio and to also let us when he is on radio so we could listen in. That gave him an opportunity to get my number,” she said.
After that first meeting, the two started communicating regularly over the phone. And even after Annita returned to Lusaka where she a student at NIPA, Wellington continued checking up on her and visited her often.
At that time, Wellington informed her he was only interested in a friendship but she was not entirely convinced about his intentions. Months later, the two lost contact.
“But when I completed my education at NIPA, I returned to Monze and that was where we met again. We re-connected and he made his intentions known and we started dating,” she said.
The couple dated on and off until 2011 when Wellington eventually proposed marriage. Annita, who described the proposal as unexpected, said she accepted to marry him because she loved him and saw a better future with him.
And after all formalities were concluded, the couple wed in Lusaka on August 26, 2012. They have one daughter.
“He has always been supportive, kind-hearted, loving, honest and a good partner. And after four years of marriage, he has not changed his character,” Annita, 29, said.
The couple who are currently in a long distance marriage because of work, said distance has not affected their union because they trust each other, are sincere and place each other’s interests before their own.
“I am currently based in Luampa in Western Province while he remains in Lusaka where he is working. We have managed to make our marriage work, in fact when I got the job he was extremely supportive because he knew how much that meant to me.
He understands my job just like I understand his job as a journalist. I know his work involves travelling a lot and being away from home frequently but I trust him and not once have I doubted him when he says he is travelling out of town,” she said.
She said she has always supported his work as a wife and he does the same for her.
“Love is not love until it is given away. My husband demonstrates his love for me in many ways. My marriage to him has been good and I pray for many more happy years with him,” Annita said.
Annita advised women and wives to always pray for their partners and to make God the centre of their union because there is nothing that God has failed to do. She also urges couples to trust, love and respect each other.
“God is the source of all things. If you want to have a happy marriage, pray for your marriage and your husband. Sometimes when people are going through challenges, they tend to think that prayer works like a switch, it doesn’t. Sometimes our prayers are not answered immediately but God always answers prayers no matter how long it takes,” she said.
And Wellington said he fell in love with Annita because she is down to earth, committed, supportive and wise.
“She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman. She is also a great cook. She is a good wife, partner and mother to our daughter. My job is stressful but she has a way of calming me down,” he said.
He said Annita is also passionate about their academic and professional development. Wellington, who is Zambia N a t i o n a l Bro a d c a s t i n g Corporation (ZNBC) acting head of Tonga section, described his wife as a prayerful woman who is committed to the things of God and places God in everything the couple embarks on.
The couple are ardent Seventh Day Adventists.
“Right now we are just enjoying our youthful marriage and taking it one day at time. We don’t encounter challenges but we have put our trust and faith in God. He is the centre of our marriage. He is the one who makes our love strong and marriage beautiful,” he said.
Wellington said the secret to their marriage is honesty, sincerity, openness, communication and love. He advises spouses to support and be proud of each other’s achievements.
“Couples must love each other and always enjoy their honeymoon phase by having fun and doing things they both enjoy every day,” he said as his advice to other couples.

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