Letter to the Editor

We are a great people

Dear editor,
I HAVE seen several letters attributed to a few world leaders from USA, Russia and China and purporting to be written by them.
They describe how backward, shallow, selfish and ignorant Africa, its people and its leaders are.
These letters have been written by Africans themselves! It’s called self-hate, dislike or hatred of oneself, and being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself.
Africa started the world civilisation while other races lived in caves, had thriving kingdoms and chiefdoms, built the tallest building in the world whose record lasted for 3,800 years until the Eiffel Tower, manipulated metals far ahead of any other, had the alphabet, ancient universities and knowledge centres.
We had paved roads 1,000 years ago.
Over the centuries our indigenous knowledge was destroyed, our empires were weakened, our people were enslaved and later colonised, our ways of life were replaced by alien ones, were made to abandon our gods and received imposed foreign religions, and Africa was divided into numerous divisive states.
So don’t believe the foolish things said about us.
We hold the world’s dominant gene pool… any reproductive interaction with a black man will produce a black person.
We are a resilient people, who have survived centuries of brutality, persecutions, enslavement, colonisation, and we are still standing.
Say something good about yourself and your race.
Addis Ababa

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