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Which way FAZ?

ON the  backdrop of attempts to block the meeting, the football family meets today at Government House in Lusaka for the reconvened annual general meeting to discuss the restructuring of the Premier League.
The meeting has only one major item but Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya is also expected to make some pronouncements aimed at developing football such as the Muvi Television Division One sponsorship deal.
Ideally, this meeting should be the shortest considering that it is a continuation of the March 28 AGM held in Kabwe but it is likely to prolong because of the debate the motion is expected to generate.
The league restructuring motion seeks to divide Division One into four zones from the current two and increase Super Division teams from the 16 to 18.
If this motion goes through, then only two teams will be demoted from the Super Division this year while four teams will be promoted from Division One North and South.
However, starting from next year, only one team will be promoted from each of the four Division One zones.
Some members argue that the reconvened meeting is only supposed to discuss items that were on the agenda in March, and the league restructuring, which will take centre stage today, was not part of it.
Other members contend that the league restriction motion was raised by Northern Province Amateur Football Association (NOPAFA) and should be discussed today.
NOPAFA proposed that Division One North and South be restructured to avoid play-offs but the motion was defeated after it was subjected to a vote.
Only 85 were for the motion while 157 councillors voted against.
The FAZ executive committee, however, constituted a three-member committee comprising Lee Kawanu, Jeffrey Chipilingu and Happie Munkondya to spearhead the league restructuring process and explain it to the members before presenting it to them today.
Football administrator Simataa Simataa attempted to block the meeting from going ahead arguing the Kabwe gathering was conclusive because all the items were discussed.
However, the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) ruled that the meeting was legally reconvened and should go ahead as Simataa was not a member of FAZ.