Water too precious, rare to squander

MUSHANY Kapusana.

WATER forms an indispensable component to the existence of human life and development, and adequate supply acts as a catalyst to more development and improved quality of life. The reality is that water is scarce and projections are that climate change will put more stress on water supply infrastructure and contribute to higher levels of water stress in the years to come.
Against this backdrop, it is imperative that we all start thinking differently about water and prepare ourselves for a world in which its people will be so much aware about the significance of water conservation.
In order to mitigate the ever dwindling levels of fresh water, there is need to think creatively and strategically to nip various factors that have put stress on the commodity. As much as water is a right for everyone and a social good, sustained provision of water to urban and peri-urban areas needs to be well planned and systematically managed as it does not happen automatically.
Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Limited (LgWSC), recently launched its 2017-2020 Strategic Plan that outlines various comprehensive measures aimed at improving water conservation and management. The strategic plan provides assurance that the utility is dedicating a lot of time and putting in a lot of thought, effort and sacrifice to manage water in a much more sustainable way.
The plan is an important step in the water company’s ambitious plan to conserve water and ensure that it is provided in adequate quantities to every resident of Central Province by 2030. However, the responsibility for improved water management does not entirely lie in water utilities. We all need to apply water conservation strategies every day.
Water can only be conserved whilst it is there and collaborative efforts must be made to support the protection of water sources. One day, we shall be no more and if we ignore the reality of increased water scarcity, our societies, economy and future as humanity will suffer a great deal.
We all have a responsibility to contribute towards better water supply and sanitation services, to conserve water and leave the world and all habitats better than we found them. Society must never take water for granted and people must be willing to allocate a portion of their monthly budget towards the water they use. In as much as other sundries in a household are equally important, water must be given first priority as it is a necessity that can never be cancelled out.
Outlined below are simple but amazing water conservation tips that we can apply as individuals and contribute towards the saving of water for future generations.
i. Reduce water use everywhere – at home, work and play.
ii. Do a water audit to establish where water is being wasted.
iii. Encourage everyone around you to come up with innovative ideas of saving water.
iv. Fix leaking taps and install water saving devices.
Always remember that water is not only life, it is everything – good health, the highest catalyst for development and a source of happiness and pride as a nation. Water is indeed the special ingredient that gives meaning to life – a commodity too precious and too rare to squander.
The author is managing director at Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Limited.

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