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Water stewardship award launched

CHILDREN in Kaluwawa area of Lukulu district enjoy fresh piped water. PICTURE COURTESY OF JCP

LUSAKA is facing significant water challenges which could worsen if a proactive stance is not taken to address them.

Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) acting director general Lemmy Namayanga urged all players in the water sector to adhere to stringent water regulation systems to protect fresh water for future generations.

Mr Namayanga was speaking during the launch of the water stewardship award and opening of the AWS Masterclass training in Chisamba on Monday.
“Sound water management goes hand in hand with doing business properly. Actions such as the degradation of headwaters and lack of appreciation of urban planning through constructing of buildings on undesignated areas are all ways through which sustainable provision of fresh water is affected,” he said.
He said the award is meant to inspire companies to use water more efficiently and sustainably in line with national regulations and best international practices.
“The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI), as part of LuWSI, offered the annual award to build long-term capacity in good stewardship practice,” he said.
And Robin Farrington, from the international water stewardship programme, said water stewardship will help to mitigate the risks that the nation could face if the water available was to become scarce.
“Bringing the voice of the private sector and the civil society organisation forward in advocating for the higher standards in the regulation of water is likely to draw higher success,” he said.
He also said increasing access to technology can drive a revolution in open governance, crowd-sourced decision-making and heightened transparency.
Mr Farrington said the issues of water require an integrated and holistic approach as most companies, communities and entities depend on water for successful production.
He said the awards will serve as a mark of recognition for those who will be exemplary in efficient and sustainable use of water resources.
The master class is co-hosted by the Lusaka water security initiative, the Water Witness Initiative International, Fairy Bottling and the Action for Water, with support from the Scottish and German governments.

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