Letter to the Editor

Water blues recipe for cholera outbreak

Dear editor,
WATER shortages have hit most parts of Lusaka.
People, particularly women, wake up very early in the morning in search of water.
Garden, Kanyama and Matero are some of the residential areas that have been hit by this shortage.
Due to the scarcity of water, some people have resorted to using shallow wells, which pose a health hazard as the trend can lead to an outbreak of epidemics such as cholera.
A cholera epidemic broke out last year in October, which is a rare phenomenon, because it usually breaks out during the rainy season.
During last year’s outbreak, more than 5,000 people across the country were infected, with some dying.
To prevent the recurrence of the cholera epidemic, there is need for stakeholders like Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to address the water challenge prevailing in high density areas such as Kanyama.
The Ministry of Health should also come on board to sensitise people on hygiene matters, in a bid to prevent any outbreak of cholera.

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