Water association to spend $288,000 on bio-latrine toilets

THE Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA), in partnership with the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCA-Zambia), will spend US$288,000 on the construction of bio-latrine toilets in eight community schools in Mandevu constituency.

WASAZA sociologist Teza Nampata said in an interview yesterday that the toilets are meant to improve access to clean water and sanitation in schools.
Ms Nampata said Mandevu constituency has a lot of community schools due to the population in the area and that it has poor sanitation levels.
“This is part of our school -based sanitation project where we are promoting innovation for groundwater protection. A biogas digester will be built underground to act as primary treatment for waste water from ablution blocks in homes and schools. This will improve sanitation in schools,” she said.
Ms Nampata said the organisation discovered, during their project assessment period, that most toilets in schools have been in a dilapidated state for over three years now due to lack of resources.
She said one toilet was servicing over 700 children, a situation that has made them prone to diseases.
Ms Nampata said plans are underway to roll out the project to other parts of the country.
She said it is saddening that children, especially in rural areas, are compelled to stay home at the expense of attending lessons whenever there is an outbreak of diseases in the area.
Ms Nampata said the project will also include construction of washing rooms and installation of taps to improve access to clean water.
She said the private sector needs to take up the responsibility of face-lifting community schools and ensure they meet the required standards.
Ms Nampata urged the private sector to partner with WASAZA in implementing projects that will make learning environments conducive for pupils.


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