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Be wary of ‘financial messiahs’, they may be human traffickers – VSU

VICTIM Support Unit (VSU) Superintendent Tresford Kasale has advised women and youths countrywide to be wary of human traffickers masquerading as financial messiahs.
Mr Kasale said in an interview that most women and youths have been lured to engage in illicit activities on pretext that they will be employed or sponsored in their education.
“This problem is not only for people in rural areas, we have seen it happening in the urban areas especially in churches where people would cheat that they want to sponsor youths in their education abroad. When they get to the destination they discover that they have been trafficked and end up being stranded,” Mr Kasale said.
He said VSU has been conducting sensitisation programmes on the issue but people are still been trafficked.
Mr Kasale said youths should also learn to scrutinise job advertisements before applying for positions.
“With the high unemployment levels in the country, most youths are desperate to find jobs and therefore apply for any opportunities that arise.
“As VSU we take keen interest in certain job advertisement which raises questions and when we find any irregularities we ensure that the law takes its course in the matter,” he said.
He has since implored youths and especially women to report all suspicious persons offering jobs and education sponsorships.
Mr Kasale said Zambia has continued being a destination and transit for human trafficking.
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