Letter to the Editor

War against coronavirus needs every Zambian’s support

Dear editor,
ANY nation at war needs concerted efforts from every sector of its society. This is because sustainable war is expensive and demanding on the national economy. The Defence budget alone cannot sustain protracted war even if that war was earlier planned for.
This means that resources will have to be diverted from other sectors to support the war effort, and this will inevitably inconvenience those deprived sectors. War is a matter of national survival that requires the support of everyone.
The ongoing war against the coronavirus needs every Zambian’s support, cooperation and understanding. Zambia and Zambians must come out victorious, and will come out victorious with minimum or no casualties. Each one of us must play our part and be ready to sacrifice certain wants and needs. Keep social distance, but practise mutual support. #StaySafeStayAlive.


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