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I want divorce, pots and pans can break my back – hubby

A CASUAL worker at electricity supply company, Zesco, complained in the Matero Local Court that his wife of four years is a violent and abusive woman who tries to bite his manhood during marital disputes.
In a divorce case heard before senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba, Spillano Zulu, 26, of Chipata township begged the court to dissolve his marriage because he can no longer endure the abuse.
Zulu told the court that he married Helen Mwanza, 30, in 2011 and that the two have two children together. Bride price was paid. However, the couple has been on separation for two weeks.
“When we got married, I expected Mwanza to welcome me whenever I arrived home from work but she never did. Instead, I was greeted by name-calling and unpleasant words from her. At first, I thought it was because of her pregnancy but it only got worse after she delivered,” he said.
Zulu said one day, when their child was not well, Mwanza left the matrimonial home and went to her parents.
“I went to check on the child’s condition but when it was time to go, Mwanza refused to go back with me. The next day, she ordered me to go and pick her but I refused. She decided to come home the day after that around 19:00 hours and ordered me to cook.
When I refused, she started insulting and hitting me with pots and pans,” he said.
Zulu said he reported the incidence to his in-laws but, shockingly, they encouraged him to be cooking meals for his wife.
“So I brought my younger sister to stay with us because Mwanza stopped performing her wifely duties. I want a divorce because I cannot continue living with such a woman,” he said.
But Mwanza denied the accusations and accused Zulu of causing problems in their marriage after he started an extra-marital affair with a lady from their church.
“I’m not a violent person and I have never tried to bite his manhood. Zulu is the one tormenting me because of his extra-marital affairs. I love him and do not want a divorce. I want us to be reconciled,” she said.
Passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce and ordered Zulu to pay Mwanza K5,000 as compensation with an initial payment of K500 to be followed by monthly instalments of K300 starting December monthend.
The court also ordered Zulu to pay K300 as child maintenance.