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‘I want to contribute to economic growth’

SHE dreams of becoming a lawyer specialised in industrial matters as well as contribute towards the country’s economic growth.
Abigail Mlauzi, 14, a grade nine at Firstrate International Academic Centre says her dream of becoming a lawyer is motivated by the great responsibility law practitioners have to serve their clients.
Abigail says she draws her inspiration from one of the country’s prominent female lawyers Nelly Muti.
“She strikes me as a very hardworking, strict and a tough woman. I believe this has greatly contributed to her to success. I came to know her when she represented my mother in her divorce case sometime back.”
Q: Who is your hero?
Ans: My mother, Joyce Muyoba is my hero. She tells me to work hard at school and to always do my best at whatever I do. She says there will be a time she will not be around to push me to work hard to achieve my goals.
She teaches me how to spend money wisely and always encourages me to work hard at school so I can become a responsible and a  successful person in life.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: I love reading novels and inspirational books. I also play the violin and love travelling and making friends.
Q: What are your favourite subjects?
Ans: I like English, History, Book Keeping, Geography, Mathematics and Science. I believe these subjects play a major role for someone like me who aspires to be a very good lawyer because a lot of thinking and commitment is needed when studying.
Q: What else are you taught at school?
Ans: At school we are taught how to respect people we live with in society and how to manage situations at the time of death. We are also advised not to get involved in bad vices like beer drinking, crime, prostitution and vandalism. We are also reminded to always trust in God in all we do.
Q: What is your favourite meal?
Ans: My favourite local meal is Nshima with T-bone and pumpkin leaves and my international favourite meal is lasagna.
Q: What country would you like to visit in the future?
Ans: I would love to visit the United Kingdom (UK) and see all the historic places there; I have read a lot about that country.

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