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Walking away from an abusive marriage is personal decision

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
FROM a tender age, she always dreamt of a fairy-tale wedding.
She was her parents’ favourite child.
It was crystal clear from their actions that in the eyes of her parents, their daughter was a saint.
She could do no wrong and was incomparable to the other siblings.
However, the other siblings that the parents did not think much of excelled in life while their favourite child was not a goal-getter. Her parents always pampered her and they made excuses for her whenever she did wrong.
Unfortunately, she ended up with a man who abused her and she did not tell any of her family members. She pretended for years that all was well in her marriage. Little did the family know that the man she ended up with was not providing for her and the children. She had to run around to pay the bills, pay rentals and ensure that there was food on the table. To make matters worse, when he physically abused her, she would make excuses for him. She always said his abuse was because she provoked him.
Her parents tried to talk her into leaving the man but to no avail. She loved him.
While she was expecting her third child, the man returned home late one night, in his usual drunken state. The scent of a woman’s perfume on his shirt was overwhelming. She asked why he was cheating on her but he sarcastically responded that she should be grateful that he decided to settle down with her among the many women who would have done anything to get married to him. To him, she had no right to question his late nights, what was important was that he returned home.
The bitter argument turned into a physical fight. The man beat up his wife so badly that she landed in hospital. She had also miscarried. Besides nursing her wounds, she had lost her pregnancy. When the family rushed to the hospital, they were shocked to find the same man who caused the miscarriage by her bedside and the two were holding hands while he asked for forgiveness.
The parents took a back seat and decided that their daughter would decide at her own time when it would be best to leave the abusive marriage. To date, the woman has stuck to her husband who has even turned his wife against her own family. She rarely visits her family because the husband has convinced her that her family is trying to ruin their marriage and that it is best she stays away from them.
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