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Vote for female candidates, WLSA urges electorate

WOMEN and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) has appealed to Zambians to vote for female candidates who are vying for different positions in the forthcoming general elections.
WLSA executive director Priscilla Chileshe said in an interview in Lusaka recently that women should be given a chance to be in leadership positions.
“ The electorate should consider voting for women in the August 11, 2016 general elections because that is the only way the country can attain the 50/50 representation,” she said.
Ms Chileshe said 51 percent of Zambians are women, which means there are also more female voters.
She said women should turn out in numbers and vote for their fellow women.
Ms Chileshe said that it is only when women are voted in different positions that the next Government can include them in leadership positions.
She said that it is only when women support each other that Zambia can have more females in representative positions.
“We have more women voters, that gives us more reason to demand that more women should be voted into different leadership positions,” she said.
Ms Chileshe said women should be given chance to be in leadership positions because they have the ability to contribute positively to the development of Zambia.
She said women are less prone to corruption and that having more of them in leadership positions will reduce the levels of corruption in any institution where they will be serving.
Ms Chileshe said the women will also be able to champion girl-child education and other rights that women have to enjoy.

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