Visual artists at Masters Golf tourney

AGNESS Yombwe last year showcased “Patterns of Life Series (Friends)” in mixed media.

ZAMBIAN artists will showcase their prowess to the world during an exhibition on the sidelines of the Zanaco Masters International Golf tournament at the Lusaka Golf Club.
The event, labelled the African Inspiration Art Exhibition, will run from April 5 to April 16, 2018.
Promoter of the exhibition Aaron Chungu said in Lusaka on Tuesday that 20 artists among them four females have confirmed participation.
“This will be the second art exhibition to be held at the Lusaka Golf Club, the first one being the one held last year and attracted 12 local artists amongst whom was one female artist Agness Buya Yombwe,” art enthusiasts Chungu said.
The first art exhibition was held in 1997 with only a few artists and became a major annual event bringing together more than 20 local and foreign accomplished under one roof by August 2001.
Again, Chungu is commending the Lusaka Golf Club for allowing African Inspiration to exhibit at their premises.
“More important that they have allowed us to hold this art exhibition at the time they will be hosting a major international event, the Zanaco Masters. This will avail an opportunity to our artists to showcase their talents to the many foreign and local visitors who will not only watch the golf tournament but would also take time to view our artifacts.
“It is through such international events that would make it possible to expose our artists to both the local and foreign markets,” Chungu said.
He said that in the developed world, art plays a significant role in attracting tourists to those countries, providing employment and being one of the major contributors to those countries’ economic activities. Chungu said with the number of talented artists Zambia has, this can be achieved.
Objectives of the African Inspiration Art Exhibition include helping local artists in creating a platform through which they could use to market their artifacts as well as create more awareness and interest in the Zambian art within the country and for our visitors.
The exhibition is also designed to encourage the corporate world to be in the fore-front of developing partnerships with the artists and assist in developing art into an industry capable of contributing to the economic development of the country.
Chungu also said the exhibition will help in the preservation of artifacts in the country as well as in creating a platform through which local artists could interact with artists from other countries.
“Time is now ripe to take advantage and broaden the local market for our artists, especially that there is a major transformation in the number of new office complexes, shopping malls and airports which are all strategic places to showcase our art.
“These places all need to be decorated with our local artifacts instead of those foreign pictures which we see displayed in most of our buildings,” Chungu said.
Lusaka Golf Club captain Clive Shamwana is happy that artists will show their talent during one of Africa’s premier golf tournaments.
“Artists’ work tells a story. Not many Zambians are writing about our history, art is part of that big story. It is an exciting time for Zambian artistes to put Zambia (history) together,” Shamwana said.
He said it is time to start telling the world that we have the talent, what we are and what we have to offer.
“We are excited about the exhibition coming up, offering space to artists,” Shamwana said.

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