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Visitor inflow likely to increase, says tourism council

THE Tourism Council of Zambia (TCZ) says the tourism sector is likely to record a positive shift in the number of foreign tourists’ inflow this year due to improved infrastructure and the transport system.
TCZ chairperson Felix Mulenga said in an interview that improved infrastructure and good transport system are vital to boosting tourism as they are the key drivers.
“Zambia has in the past years seen rapid increase of mushrooming hotels, restaurants and leisure industries directly supported by tourists for the hospitality industry. This has heavily contributed to the increased number of foreign tourists’ arrival,”
“They are the main areas on which tourists look on when deciding a country to visit, Mr Mulenga said.
He said Zambia, which recorded a total of 906, 000 tourist arrivals as of 2015, is expected to meet the one million visitors target.
He, however, urged traders in the sector not to exaggerate on prices to woo more tourists.
“Reduced prices on the domestic market by traders that sell merchandise, artifacts and other commodities in the country’s tourist towns will also help to attract more tourists,” he said.
Mr Mulenga also said domestic tourism, which was launched in June last year by the Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata, has seen good response.
In a statement, the Minster indicated that domestic tourism is aimed at educating the public that vacation can also be enhanced by the locals and not just by foreigners.
He said increased income levels among majority of Zambians and the change in life style of Zambians has helped in the enhancement of domestic tourism.