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Violet Musanka: Determined young woman

VIOLET Musanka is a determined young lady who exposes her gifts and talents in every possible way as – she believes not even the sky is the limit if one is hardworking and committed.
Born in 1994, Violet is an actress, writer, entrepreneur and a third-year student pursuing a diploma in journalism and public relations at Lusaka’s Evelyn Hone College.
Popularly known as ‘Cuteny’, Violet acts as Seko in a movie, Choices and Chances, a family drama series which is televised every Sunday on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) at 21:30 hours.
“I love acting because it has given me the opportunity to tell stories, and being part of the series, Choices and Chances has given me an opportunity to be on set with experienced talented Zambian actors,” she said.
Apart from being an actress, Violet presents a youth programme on ZNBC. At the age of 17, she auditioned to present a children’s programme and got the role.
Between 2010 and 2013 she was presenting the Kids and Teen programme on ZNBC’s TV2 but last year she graduated to present a youth programme.
Violet said the youth programme which provides a forum for youths to discuss issues affecting them is televised every Saturday at 17:00 hours.
The multi-talented Violet last year launched her first book titled Tune into Happiness and the book is currently being sold in book stores.
She said she was inspired to write the book because she believes everyone in life has a story and not every part of it is perfect.
Violet started writing her book in 2013 in December when she went to visit her uncle in South Africa and found that her cousins had gone to visit in another town.
Having grown up loving to read magazines and story books, she decided to keep herself busy by writing.
Violet said when she started writing she never thought it would turn out to be a book but she kept on writing and when she returned from South Africa, her lecturers helped her edit it.
She said after the editing, she asked for advice from one writer Dario Chongolo who guided her on how to go about the publication of the book.
Later she approached individuals and few companies by writing letters to them to help her launch the book. “Within two weeks, I received positive feedback from companies and individuals and in September last year the book was launched”.
Violet said over 120 individuals attended the launch among them her family members and Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Brenda Muntemba.
She is, however, disappointed that the sales are not as she expected, prompting her to go round to deliver the book to individuals.
Violet decided to brand assorted items with the cover of her book this year she, as a way of promoting her book, managed to exhibit during the Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka.
“I branded mug cups and T-shirts with the cover of the book and exhibited at the show. I received overwhelming response and up to now people are calling and I do deliveries every week,” she said.
Violet said as a person whose dreams are beyond Lusaka, Zambia and Africa, she has registered a company under the name Veesible to use it as a pathway to get into advertising, branding, printing, designing as well as stationary and supplying of office furniture.
“My plans look big because I believe it’s not enough to live an ordinary life, one has to live an extra-ordinary life. We are all gifted in different ways and we need to share our gifts with the world”, she said.
Violet said her future plans scare her because they are beyond the African continent and she sees herself as a big entrepreneur in the next five years.
She said she has learnt to be positive all the time even though some voices say Zambians do not read, that does not discourage her from writing a book which she has dedicated to her late mother Grace Phiri.
Her mother taught her to realise that she does not need the whole world to be on her side to achieve her dreams.
Violet, who is the last born in a family of two, lost her father when she was three months old and now lives with her grandmother. She is inspired by people who make a difference in society, touching lives and contributing to the welfare of society.
Violet did her primary and secondary schooling in Lusaka and her spare time is spent with some of her friends like Mirriam Milembo and Mellina Phiri.
A member of the New Apostolic Church, she believes prayer is primary in everything a person does and the rest can tag along.

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