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Violence forces wife to give up her 13-year-old marriage

A THIRTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD woman of Kabanana township has pleaded with the Matero local court to dissolve her 13-year-old marriage because of fear of losing her life at the hands of her violent husband.
Monica Namfukwe begged the court to file her divorce against Intelligence Mofya 36 of Chaisa township.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2006 and have three children together and bride price was partly paid.
When she appeared before magistrates Pauline Newa and Miyanda Banda, Namfukwe told the court that problems in her marriage started in 2012 when her husband started working as a taxi driver.
“My husband started sleeping out and coming home late, he beat me every time I tried to ask him. He stopped taking care of our children since he became a taxi driver,” she said.
Namfukwe also told the court that her husband beats her whenever they have a misunderstanding. In her submissions, she pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage.
But Mofya on the other hand denied the allegations and accused Namfukwe of being disrespectful to him.
He said his wife stopped washing and cooking for him ever since her tomato business started booming.
“My wife has changed, she has been doing a lot of things without my consent, and she recently opened an account and hid the documents from me.
She has also been making strange phone calls and I am suspecting that she is having an affair with another man.” Mofya said.
In his submissions, he pleaded with the court not to dissolve his marriage on grounds that he still loves his wife.
In passing judgement, the court granted divorce on grounds that there was violence in the marriage. Mofya was also ordered to compensate Namfukwe with K 10,000 and K 400 child maintenance.


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