Letter to the Editor

Videos denting image of police

Dear editor,
THE video that is doing rounds showing a traffic police officer exchanging blows with a motorist is not good at all.

It depicts lack of professionalism in the Zambia Police Service. Police command has worked hard to change the image from being a force it was known for to a service.
However, the conduct of that police officer depicts traits of police for brutality.
Traffic police have never been known to be physical and the exchange of blows has given motorists the other side of the men and women whose role is to ensure that vehicles meet safety standards, among others.
This video of a police officer exchanging blows with a motorist is one of the several that have been captured on social media, the others having been an officer dancing in a political regalia while others were caught sharing money somewhere in Eastern Province.
Police officers ought to be extra-alert because people are armed with camera phones to expose their wrong doings.

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